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BECKI AND HARLEY FOWLER: providing experience and integrity
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Dreams realized …

What are your dreams? Read on and then get in touch with us ...

What do you want to know about Shaklee? Shaklee produces results you can feel, it is safe and contaminant free and it is backed by verifiable scientific research.

What do you want to know about us? Our priorities include helping you feel better and live better while aiming to serve you with integrity and kindness. Honoring God, country and family top our priorities.

Our Shaklee business was birthed because my Uncle Gerry wanted my dad, Jim Calvert, to feel better and to enjoy life more fully after his medical retirement from the Air Force with debilitating emphysema and asthma. Dad soon got a taste of the Shaklee dream and he became passionate to share what he had experienced with everyone with whom he came in contact. I have my own testimony of greatly improved health after struggling in my early years with asthma.

We are blessed to be able to carry on the heritage begun in 1971 by my parents. I worked right alongside my dad during those beginning years. My mom Maxine soon got excited about the improved health and financial changes Shaklee was bringing and “got on board”.  It was natural for my husband, Harley, and I to re-join into the partnership and work together with my mom and dad as they continued to build their business. My dad passed away in 1996 and my mom has retired, but our Shaklee heritage continues on.  My mother reminisces about those days when our now adult son, Stephen, was a youngster helping her with chores and stocking shelves while I worked on the computer and Shaklee bookkeeping. Thankfully, Shaklee now does all those tasks for us! We are truly a family business and we are continuing the legacy as Stephen and his wife Lisa have come onboard with us!

It is the dream of making life better for our family and yours that makes this business, our customers and our business builders such a joy. We have lived out many of our dreams these 45+ years. I know of no other business like Shaklee with the science, the history, the loyalty of our customers and the great product and business model to back it all up.

Life comes with its ups and downs and Shaklee has provided passive income and sustained health during whatever season the Lord has us in. We believe our results are as big or small as our dreams. Whether your dream is small or big, we are ready to partner with you. What is your dream?

Our Shaklee mission is to provide better health for anyone and a healthier lifestyle for everyone. Shaklee created the possibility by making all natural products that are so exceptional … you just have to tell your friends and family!